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MetalTrack scrap metal software is the easy-to-use touchscreen programme designed for scrap metal dealers, merchants and scrap yards.

Does my business need MetalTrack?

If you are a scrap metal dealer, merchant or yard, then the answer is yes. MetalTrack manages the transactions with everyone you buy and sell metal from and stores all the details you need, all in one place. It transforms the admin and paperwork side of your business. 

Will MetalTrack help my business to stay legal?

Yes. With MetalTrack you scan every seller's ID and record all their details including name, address, vehicle and vehicle registration plate. They're all stored securely in the system. 

You can access any record any time you need anywhere you have an internet connection. The information is stored on our secure servers and is held in compliance with data protection legislation such as the GDPR. 

If legislation changes, it's easy for us to add or change functions because it's an online system. Any changes we make are included in your subscription. It means you never have to worry about investing in upgrades or not being compliant. 

What do I need to run MetalTrack?

MetalTrack is an online system, so there's nothing special to buy or install. 

You will need a computer, laptop or tablet and an internet connection - which could be over 3G or via a dongle if you don't have broadband. If you want to store IDs in the system you'll need a cheque printer.

If you need to buy any of these, we're happy to advise on your best options. If you want, we can supply them for you. And if setting up new IT equipment is your idea of a nightmare, we can even do that too. 

How much does MetalTrack cost?

Prices range from £219 + VAT to £399 + VAT a month.

The price you pay depends on the modules you have and the amount of data you store. We'll put together a personalised quote after we've discussed your requirements and we know what you need. 

What support is available?

If you need help using MetalTrack, we're on the end of the phone. Your support team are based in the Midlands. They're the people who developed MetalTrack and they understand the way your industry works.

But we're confident you'll need us less than you think. Since it was launched, MetalTrack has handled over one million transactions with a total value of over £150 million. On average, most support calls are resolved in minutes with our support team being able to resolve issues straight away. That's how easy MetalTrack is to use. 

How can I buy MetalTrack?

The first step is to give us a call on 01384 563 086. We can get you set up straightaway if you want. 

Most customers have questions first. we're happy to answer all of these. We can even visit your site to have a look at your computers and your whole operation, if it helps. 

How quick is it to set up MetalTrack?

Very quick. MetalTrack is an online system you access from your computer, laptop or tablet. There's nothing special to set up at your end. You can start using MetalTrack as soon as we've set up your account and created logins for the people who'll be using your account. 

Customers usually find getting started with MetalTrack very easy. We designed it to be so intuitive even the least computer-savvy person in your team can use it. But we're on the end of the phone if you need us. And if you want, we can send a member of our team to your site to be at your side on your first day of using it.

Is MetalTrack compliant with the GDPR?

Yes. We work alongside the Information Commissioner's Office and our dealer network to ensure best practice is adopted. All data is securely held in UK data centres. Every user has their own individual secure login details.

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I would recommend MetalTrack to anyone. It is now such an asset to Masons, like any piece of plant, MetalTrack is a very important part of our business.

Andy Jones, MD , Masons Metals

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