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MetalTrack scrap metal software is the easy-to-use touchscreen program designed for scrap metal dealers, merchants and scrap yards.

Feature modules include Purchasing, Sales, Skip, Reporting, Dashboard, and Administration.

Prices are based on the modules YOU use - pricing starting from £199 +VAT per month

Here are a few sample screens to show how MetalTrack looks.

MetalTrack manages…

MetalTrack gives you…

  • Customer information
    Stores details of everyone you buy metal from and helps you search them easily
  • Vehicle details
    Records number plates
  • Photo IDs
    Scans and saves driving licences, utility bills and any other documents
  • Transactions
    Helps you choose the metal, add the weight and pick a price
  • The latest laws
    Includes online updates for the most up-to-date legal requirements
  • On-site customers
    Gives ID-checked visitors a time window to make a transaction
  • The paperwork
    Prints receipts, compiles reports, keeps your essential records
  • SAGE integration - Reduce your accountancy fees by directly linking your purchases and sales through to SAGE 
  • Productivity
    Easy to use and quick to operate – designed with leading scrap metal dealers Mason Metals
  • Value
    Flexible packages with low prices – so you only pay for what you need
  • Safety
    Don’t get caught out – MetalTrack helps you to fulfil your legal obligations
  • Technology
    The latest touchscreen-ready software – hosted online, so no need for installation
  • Easy access
    Online data storage with access 24 hours a day, seven days a week and automatic data back-up
  • Peace of mind
    MetalTrack deals with the details so you can deal with your business
  • Whatever you need
    Can be customised for your business – just tell us what you need it to do
  • Control
    Manage approvals of transaction from anywhere and generate instant payments for customers
  • Data Protection and Security - Data held in UK based hosting facilities


Watch the demo

Easy to use and quick to operate.

Watch the demo

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