MetalTrack takes away the paper and the hassle of running your business, making you more efficient, more productive and more secure. Our software provides a complete solution for any busy Scrap Metal Dealer. Modules include: Purchasing, Sales, Dashboard, Skip, Transport and Reporting.

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MetalTrack takes away the paper and the hassle of running your business, making you more efficient, more productive and more secure. 

Here's how.

Buying scrap metal

MetalTrack stores the details of everyone you buy from, including vehicle details and vehicle number plates. Plus it scans and saves IDs. enter the information once and that's it. 

On average, recording a new customer goes from 15 minutes to 5 minutes. And searching for information afterwards is far quicker and easier too. 

Recording a transaction is a simple five step process

  1. Select the metal from a drop down menu
  2. Enter the weight
  3. Select the price 
  4. Select method of payment 
  5. Print the waste transfer note

Dealing with returning customers is easier too.

You can check their details in moments - no need to search through a filing cabinet. If you want to make your yard more efficient, you can give them a time window to make a transaction. And if they query a price, pulling up their history and checking the rate they got last time takes seconds. 

Complying with scrap metal reporting requirements and regulations 

MetalTrack is updated automatically so you can be confident your system complies with current legal requirements including the Scrap Metal Dealers Act.

Your data is stored securely in UK data centres. Every user in your business has their own secure login details. We work alongside ICO and our dealer network to ensure best practice is adopted and you're compliant with data protection legislation such as the GDPR. 

And if you need to provide information or evidence to the police, HMRC, the Environment Agency or any other official body, finding the information they need takes minutes not hours. 

Streamlining and securing your business

Because you enter everything straight onto the system, you will go from four pieces of paper per transaction to zero pieces of paper. You will need less storage space and may even benefit from reduced insurance premiums as a result. 

You can access your files anywhere you've got an internet connection, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can even manage transactions and generate instant payments for customers on-the-go.

Your information is stored securely in UK data centres and is backed up regularly, so you don't have to worry about system security or losing files. 

And with the Sage integration option, you can link your purchases and sales through to Sage via an approved upload option and reduce your accountancy fees. 

Getting insights to your business

With MetalTrack's reporting module, you can compile reports on incoming and outgoing values, weights and materials. The reporting module makes it easy to see how your business is doing, allowing you to set targets and review results. 

MetalTrack Reporting

What our customers say

I would recommend MetalTrack to anyone. It is now such an asset to Masons, like any piece of plant, MetalTrack is a very important part of our business.

Andy Jones, MD , Masons Metals

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